South Dakota Whitetail Hunting

So i got back few days ago from hunting whitetail in south dakota, with High Prairrie Lodge and Outfitters, let me just say “FRICKEN AWESOME!!!!” It was by far the best whitetail hunt i have ever been on and I didnt even get one. I passed up 15-20 bucks in from 125-150″ range within 20 yards from my stand. I saw so many deer that my body never had a chance to feel the snow or the 20 deg weather i was so excieted.

And the food and accomadations were that of what you would expect in a high end hotel, my beds were turned down and made for me everday, my own personal bathroom and shower in a beutifully decorated lodge ( i gonna bring my wife next year) simply amazing!

so why didnt i get a deer? well i made the mistake of looking at trail pics on the camera bellow my stand which revealed a high 170 to 180′ buck poking his head in an out of there on several occasions, which ultimatley left me scratching my head in the end and feeling a little greedy and stupid for holding out.

But i still had an amazing experience at High Prairrie lodge and Outfitters and i have already book for next season.

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