Spot and Stalk Mule Deer

Mule Deer Hunting Hi welcome to The Hunting Channel onlineā€™s Tip Of the week! this week our tip comes from our ask the pros section: Bill asks: I am going mule deer hunting in New Mexico on state land, I have never done a spot and stalk type hunt. I am from the Midwest and have only hunted whitetail from tree stands. What can I do to prepare for my hunt. Answer: Books are written on this question so i cant get to i depth or this answer will be a book. Well you have alot of work to do. For one, start by reading some of the articles artilce on spot and stalk we have in the hunting 101 section. then i would read up on some behavioral differences and feedin breeding habits of mule deer. Your main goal is to learn to be as sneaky as possible and learn to wield the wind like a predator. Start practicing by by putting stalks on your family members then move up to your dog, etc. see how close you can get without getting busted. While your out scouting for whitetail practice staying down wind of them. This will build confidence and help it become second nature. Next start practicing out to longer distances 50-80 yards even longer so when the time comes and you are faced with a fifty yard shot you know you can make it at 70-80, fifty aint shit! Practice life like scenarios shoot from all positions (kneeling, sitting etc.) belly crawl up to your shooting spot then shoot. Get in shape, NM mountains are no joke. Get a good pair of binos 10-15x 50-56 not cheapys either, in lowlight you wont see crap. get a nice tri-pod . gear goes a long way in the west. You can get and in depth approach to hunting muleys out west in my book secrets of hunting western game. Pick it up at remember if you have a question log on to and go to ask the pros. hunt hard stay passionate!