Stalking game quietly

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Hey so I had the pleasure of doing some infield testing of the new Sneak EZ stalking shoes … in short.. flipping amazing……….! I have owned every sneaky feet, stalking boot you can possible imagine and have even fashioned a few of my own and nothing works as well as these do…

I had a lot of fun sneaking up on my dog a scaring the crap out of him for the first few days I had them….. but it wasn’t until I took them up to do some scouting when I realized how incredible they really are.. I was able to sneak up to these bighorn Sheep within 10 yards before they caught my movement ….

Another cool feature is you can take off the liner and throw it in the wash between hunts.. helping ensure you stay scent free and cleaning out the crap that gets stuck to it…

Which brings me to another issues I had with other brands is they would get full of leaf litter and debris and their effectiveness went down Sneak EZ offers a suede option that eliminates a lot of this issue. Plus when they wear out you don’t have to buy a new set you just buy the replacement liner

So listen go check them out tell em John Stallone sent you… who knows maybe they will give you a discount