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April 28

Can I shoot a turkey with a 410? Stevens 301 Review and patterning

Well lets just say yes you can shoot a turkey with a 410 at 45 yards! I did extensive testing and re-sighting etc. and found that the Stevens 301 was a 40 yard turkey killer all day long.

turkey recipe April 26

Wild Turkey Sliders

Good way to prepare wild turkey meat

How to improve your success for deer in turkey season

So don’t let the time you have in the field go to waste…. This turkey season put a little work in to better your deer season…

Turkey Hunting

Anybody who has ever hunted turkey before has had a big gobbler hang up just out of range.

Just Got back From New Mexico

Well we were hunting the last four days in NM for turkey, We experienced some crazy weather, which we often do in spring above 7,000 feet temps ranged from 20-75 deg we got hailed on, sleet, rain, 40 mph winds, and bright sunny hot days unreal. The Brids were not talking we heard maybe 5 […]

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