Can I shoot a turkey with a 410? Stevens 301 Review and patterning

So both my girls drew turkey tags this year here in AZ and I wanted to find an effective gun for youth / kids to use for turkey. I initially was going to have my eldest 12 shoot my 12 gauge with 23/4″ and my younger daughter shoot the crossbow. Well the 12 gauge was a bad idea even off shooting sticks. Stupid dad move on my part. So I set out looking into shooting turkey with 410 bore and I found many people were doing so and in fact there were many companies developing TSS loads for this gun. I stumbled across the Stevens 301 turkey gun and I read some reviews etc. and they all seemed to give positive reviews so I was pleased to learn that my local basspro have two in stock.

First let me start by saying bang for the buck the Stevens 301 turkey shogun in .410 is awesome. My only complaint is the trigger is a little heavy. The gun is light weight and easy to maneuver, it is very accurate, very consistent, safe and easy to operate. Makes it an excellent set up for youth turkey hunter. I recommend this gun for anyone looking for an effective turkey gun for kids or really anyone of any age. My 6 year old shot this gun without an issue. Plus it is under $300

I outfitted both guns with Holosun green dot which costs more than the gun itself, and I got them sited in initially with the Remington TSS premiere because that is all I could get my hands on locally at first. I was happy with the outcome I felt we could shoot a turkey easily 35 yards and under, but I really wanted to see if I dialed it in would we be able to stretch it out to 40 or 45?

So I started ordering shells from various manufactures and end up with the following 4 : Foxtrot 383 stroker, Apex Turkey Ninja, Federal Heavy shot TSS, and the aforementioned Remington TSS premiere. I was hoping to try Boss Toms as well but they were out of stock. I did some research on chokes and the two I landed on were the Pattern master and the Indian Creek. Mainly because of availability and the response I got back from my inquires to the company I purchased the Indian Creek Choke tube .380 For my Stevens 301 turkey .410 shot gun.

Well lets just say yes you can shoot a turkey with a 410 at 45 yards! I did extensive testing and re-sighting etc. and found that the Stevens 301 was a 40 yard turkey killer all day long. Watch the video to see why my top pick was Foxtrot Ammo 383 stroker combined with Indian Creek choke tube