Let’s Fund Bear Research!

April 21 2022  California’s Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 4-0 to reject the HSUS petition to shut down Black Bear hunting in California. The #1 reason cited for its continuance was the SCIENCE.

That’s why the Arkansas Black Bear Collaring Project is so important. We are raising money to help @arkansasgameandfish to collect incredible information on a new Black Bear Zones. That information will help them sustainably manage their population as well as push back when needed!

Help us, Help them! Fundraising

Join our team @Howl_org, raise more money than anyone else, and win an expedition of a lifetime! Go help the AGFC biologists with collaring bears and even get to collect data on the Bear cubs with the denning females!

You CANNOT do this anywhere else. A once in a lifetime opportunity!!


PLUS – every $ raised is matched dollar for dollar thanks to the Wildlife Education center at @legendsranch and the @cabelafamilyfoundation