Trophy Hunting vs Sustenance Hunting

Much like many things that once was acceptable to say and once had a very specific meaning. The word trophy has been co-opted by the anti-hunting community and weaponized. It is no longer acceptable for hunters to use and hunters are forced to explain themselves in other ways where the word, “trophy” once satisfied the the need for description.

To Hunters the word Trophy means: the top age class, the best representation of the species within an area, the most mature and in some instances the most desired. Even the game and fish agencies use the word to describe an area that is managed to produce a higher quality experience. You will still see it describe as “managed for trophy” or “managed for opportunity”.. this simply means the unit or area is a limited entry and provided yes an opportunity at the best representation of the species, but more so a quality hunting experience.. 

The anti -hunting world has infiltrated the main stream media infecting the non-hunting public with the idea that trophy hunting is the pursuit of an animal just for its antlers or just for its head and hide.. They have painted a picture of blood thirsty hunters ravaging the woods carelessly shooting animals just to take a picture, lop off their heads and leave the rest to waste.. This couldn’t be further from the truth! 1) it is illegal to waste any edible portion of an animal 2)Despite what antis would have you believe a recent poll hunters covet the meat equally if not more so than the rack 3) 98% hunters polled would turn in another hunter who just took the head and left the meat and 100% would be disgusted with this act. But yet they continue portray us this way in the main stream . Many will even spend countless hour combing the internet searching for the worst representation of hunters and adding their own narrative to make an already questionable photo into something much more horrific This is a great example.

HUSUS has now defined a trophy as taking any body part aside from the meat and keeping it. Even photos of the memory is considered a trophy by the extremist group. So according to their definition we should kill an animal, not take a photo to cherish the memories, we should leave all other parts to rot and not honor the animal with a memento of its existence . Hunters have been saving “trophies” of animals since the dawn of time, weather it was antlers for a headdress or petroglyphs of the experience on a rock wall. And now all of a sudden since a small group of people are offended by this act we are supposed to abandon a tradition and heritage that has gone on for millennia.. ?

HUSUS states they do not have a problem with substance hunting meaning if I waved my magic wand and every hunter in the world was to leave our traditions behind and only take meat and leave all other parts out to rot, cancel the memories and not take photos, they would not have a problem with hunting at all… I call BS !!!! HUSUS is a business, a very lucrative one! Are we supposed to believe they would walk a way from the multi million dollar industry of harassing hunters? I doubt that with every bit of my being. 

We have been taught to be recluse, to not be vocal and attract attention. The time to be silent is over! too much of what we do because of social media and the internet is out there for the non-hunting public to see. We cannot let the anti-hunter control the narrative. We have truth, integrity and science on our side and its time for us to put the truth out there and educate the non-hunting public with main stream media. Lets end the propaganda and lies join and help us change the lies…

It’s so funny but so true… I wonder if this was aired on national TV how many eyes would be opened to the Fraudulent workings of HUSUS…