The Deer Call to END all Calls……….

Well maybe not…. but if you have followed me for anytime you have heard me say “create the illusion” That it is important to add other components to you deer calling to increase your success….

What most hunters don’t thing about is adding the other sounds, smells, etc associated with the call they are trying to make for instance:

When two bucks fight.. it is often the rustling of leaves that brings a curious buck in.. I remember the first time I figured this out. I was shuffling my feet through the leaves midday to clear a path to my stand so that I may enter the next morning as quietly as possible when a buck came charging in blowing snot and looking for a fight…. I continued to use the principles in this tactic for years

Another example is a trailing buck…I had got to my hunting spot late one morning and it was a crisp silent morning. The kind of morning when you step on leaves going to your stand every deer for 200yrds hears ya. So I decided to kinda skip to my stand in the bouncing cadence a buck chasing a doe would make ( fast slow slow) while blowing a trailing grunt… and wouldn’t ya know I called in 3 bucks with that little trick..

So when I found The Talk the Walk Deer Call I knew had stumbled on to something good… basically this call helps you add the sounds associated with trailing grunts, deer feeding and even bucks fighting all while you are still concealed up in your stand or in a ground blind… I gave 5 calls to my prostaff and we tried them out in several parts of the country in different phases of the rut and we all had success with it. I found it worked best for me doing a trailing buck cadence with the trail grunt and I Called in 11 different bucks in 3 days  and I scored a nice 3.5 year old 120″ buck. My staff had similar success and I urge anyone who wants to up there game to try it out…. Checkout this little video that shows you how the call works …..