The iPhone Bull

The iPhone Bull…click here for video

So you are probably wondering why we called this show the iphone bull because more than half of this show was filmed on my iphone
From the videos we took pre season
All the way up to the shot So I apologize if the quality of the footage isn’t quite up to par..

I had been waiting to draw an AZ bull tag during the rut for years so when I found out I didn’t have a cameraman nor were any of my family members available to go with me I looked to some of my closest friends to help me out. I grabbed my Friend of 19years Gasper Bruno who will take any excuse to go elk hunting as my cameraman… and I called my good friends Billy, ricardo , and Daniel to come up and call for me… These guys are serious elk hunters in fact Billy owns Let’er rip outfittersiphone 309

iphone 310 so I knew I was in good hands…. I put in a lot of time scouting and patterning cows we had cameras up for months just getting an idea of what was in the area.

I was hunting a metro unit 11M Billy was not familiar with the Unit , so I took him and his wife Missy Deer hunting during the early archery season so we can do a little scouting and we were able to locate a few good bulls in the area and it was this little scouting trip that made all the difference in the end when time came to hunt. By the way even this clip was filmed with my iphone through my binos… The work was put in, training was complete, and gear was all packed and we were off to Elk country..
So we scooped up the guys and hit the field We let out a few bugles and heard some bugles off in the distance and set out after them. We got within 160 yards of this feeding bull but couldn’t close the distance and he was not responding to our calls. He eventually fed off And really that’s all the action we had all day.. unfortunately we had more of the same for the next couple of days we knew we were where the bulls were at given all the sign It wasn’t until day 3 when things started to heat up we went to an are where we had seen a bunch of sign and let out a few locating bugles and immediately got some response on our way stalking into position we ran into a buck which we were afraid that we may spook towards the bulls but we finally got around him and got into position just in time to watch a couple of spike sparing the bulls we were after were feeding in this meadow and we didn’t have a lot of cover so we decided to try to call at them to try and lure them in

The bulls was just not responding and they kept taking their cows and running off
It wasn’t till day 3 when thing really started to heat up…
Morning 4 we woke up to bulls bugling and we were in them all morning but couldn’t make it happen…….
That afternoon Me, Daniel and Ricardo left camp early to go check out a different section so we left Billy and My father in law frank back at camp, along with my camera backpack, water etc.
we got back by this burn where we knew elk came to feed in the evenings and blasted out a bugle and we immediately got a response from 3-400 yards away we heard a cow respond within 100 yds so we continued to cow call and we called up a few calves and cow right to the truck we let the cow work their way around us so we could go at the bull… then the chase was on. We ran straight at him right up a 50 deg slope to the top of the ridge stopping periodically to call at him. This bull sounded big and he sounded pissed we knew we had a player here Daniel jumped behind a Tree and started raking it and braking branches with his shed antler while bugling and Ricardo and I slipped into position a behind some dead fall and cow called and he came in on a string What you don’t see here is that I had been at full draw for a minute + at this point before Ricardo decided he should try to get the shot on film with my iphone. Thank god I shoot a Mathews otherwise im not sure I would have been able to stay at full draw any longer.

I hit him a little further back than I would had liked because I didn’t wait for him to stop so we gave him about 30 mins to expire before we took up his trail, we would have given him longer but neither of us had a pack or flashlight

The Nockturnal lighted nock made it easy to find my Gold Tip arrow and the swhacker broadhead made it easy for us to follow the blood trail next morning it was get this bull loaded and off to the meat processor. This bull was so heavy it took all five of us last night to get him up a ramp into the truck…
we knew he was heavy but we didn’t know he weighed over 1200 lbs when we got him to the meat processor.. Well it was a great hunt with good friends and I had a blast….. Thanks for joining us and we will see you out in the field….