The Oufitter

Letter from John Stallone: Outdoor Writer, TV Personality, Professional Hunter
There are many good hunters in this country but not all hunters make good guides, and not all good guides make good outfitters. A good hunter knows his game, he knows what they are eating, drinking and where they are sleeping. He is patient, he is silent, he understands the wind, he follows movement based on weather, he knows how to talk to the animals and he knows how to listen, most important he is always learning… A good guide is someone who not only understands how to locate pattern and kill a deer or elk, but how to take someone who is not as familiar, or as skillful and show them the way to success… A good outfitter, knows how to communicate, how to get their clients prepared for a hunt, how to accommodate each individual to suit their needs and abilities, to provided everything that is needed and some things that are not, a good outfitter puts his customer first and will take the coat off his back to keep you from freezing… Do you know what a good hunter, a good guide and a good outfitter make? A great company…. that I will continue to hunt with year in year out Check out Let’er Rip Outfitters