Tip of The Week

Game Plan: Hi welcome to the Hunting Channel Online’s Tip of the week sponsored by The Whitetail blueprint.com I am your Host John Stallone.
This week we are going talk about having a game plan. Having a game plan before we start our hunting season will greatly improve your results.
Much like any sport taking a look at the big picture, setting some goals and devising a system will always produce better results.
I like to first look at what time I have available to me to spend scouting, preparing and actually hunting. That way I know what I can afford to put into it and what I can expect from my efforts.
Next I like to come up with a schedule for scouting. I base this off of the time I can spend in the field. Also I look at what things I can do from home on my computer.
In the whitetail hunters blueprint it shows us how we can accomplish a lot from home before we even hit the field to save us time.
Next I like to devise a system to prepare both myself and the areas I will be hunting. I will put together a series of drills to get myself into hunt shape and improve my field marksmanship.
Then I will figure out what my hunting spot needs from trimming trees to setting up camera and creating mineral licks etc.
Once all my pre hunt prep is in order and I have picked a spot or two to hunt I then begin game planning from my scouting and trail photos how I will hunt my spots.
Well that’s it for this week for an in dept explanation on how to game plan for your hunt check out www.thewhitetailblueprint.com and pick up your copy today. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you out in the field……