Trail Camera Test List

Ok so the contestants are in we have two categories really two price points: $250-400 and $150-250

In the $250-$400 category we have the following competing:
Bushnell trophy Cam HD
Stealth Cam, Prowler HD IDVR
Cuddeback Attack IR
In the $150-$250 category we have the following competing:

Stealth Cam, Sniper IR
Bushnell Trophy CAM
Spypoint IR-6
Cuddeback Capture IR

We contacted every manufacture of trail cameras and told them we were gona put on this test : Reconyx, Moultrie, CamTrakker, Recon outdoors, And predator Trail cams none of them were willing to put their money where their mouth was. So for me These trail cameras we have listed above already are the best in the market because their manufactures are not afraid of us putting them through the grinder for 5 months.

The Cameras go up June 20th, each of them will stay out until the end of DEC. We will be testing certain parameters while they are in the field and posting pics and videos periodically. We have at least two of each camera we will be performing simultaneous testing on the second set while the first set is out in the field.