Weekly Workout for the Mountain Hunter

workout for mountain Hunter

After a long hard season from mid July all the way till mid February my body is shot… but I could never have done it without preparing myself for the abuse I took in the field… Although I tried to maintain some sort of workout regiment this season the crazy travel schedules and well just life got in the way of being where I wanted to be.. but now the season is over and its time to rebuild and prepare for the up coming season… Here is a little workout we designed to help you get there..

As always consult a doctor to make sure this is right for you and warm up and stretch adequately before you begin

this program is designed as an everyday workout just keep rotating each section : example section #1 is one day

workout2Than day 2 move to section 2 and so on… once you reach day 4 and section 4 take a day off and then start the cycle over ..

Also this workout is based on constant movement principles.. so what that means is do 1 set  each exercise moving from one lift to the next without a break and then once you have gone through the first set of each start the 2nd set..