Wow Awesome End to the Season

January was an amazing time to hunt in my home state of AZ, alothogh i end up settling for a young Mule deer on the last day of the hunt it was full of excietment.

Bob and I averaged about 5 stalks per day on big mature bucks (160+)and as hunting goes sometimes we just couldnt make it happen. But i tell you it has me waiting for next January.

Bob end up with a nice javelina (old boar) and it was very cool to see it all unfold in my binos.


I was able to get some footage of bob on a stalk of this really nice buck i shot through my binos with my blackberry at 1500 yards. see if you can pick out Bob and the buck

Now we are getting ready to do the International Sportsmens Expo
and as a special gift we are giving away free “No Stinky” scent eliminator kits and if you mention THC you can save 25% on hunting with High Prairrie Lodge and Outfitters