You Know You Are Addicted to Hunting When…

Ok everyone,

I got to thinking, and I came up with the top 15 ways you know you are addicted to hunting. Surely, all of you out there can add to the list, and I’m interested in what you have to add. So, place your comments below and lets see if we can get this list up to 100.

* Your ring-tone on your cell phone is an elk bugle
* When you approach your wife from down wind
* You instinctively range out everything as you drive by it
* When you drive at night, you are almost too occupied with finding glowing eyes on the road side.
* Your Christmas list consists of nothing but hunting items.
* Your daily routine includes using scent eliminating shampoo in your shower
* Out at the bar, you and your buddies use the Pope & Young scale to size up women
* When Earth scent becomes your cologne of choice
* When does estrus isn’t an un-pleasant smell, but instead strangely compelling.
* When you drive to work, practicing calls to tapes in your car
When you find yourself putting a stalk on your refrigerator, to get a midnight snack
* Your wear your tree-stand harness to hang up the Christmas lights or clean out the gutters.
* When your boxer shorts have deer on them
* Your idea of fancy home decor, are a set of antler sheds.
* Every time a bird flies by you do the “I shoot you with my finger” gesture.

So there you have it everyone, hope you enjoyed it. Pass it on to your friends and make sure you comment below so we can get this list up to 100.

Good hunting,