3 Exercises Guaranteed to Tighten Your Arrow Groups

Sometimes its the little things that matter the most… Like incorporating these 3 simple but effective exercises to improve dynamic stabilization and proprioception…. To improve your shot and tighten your arrow groups!

The Free Motion Single Leg Push Pull:
Choose a weight half your peak draw weight stand on one leg push with the arm opposite of the leg you are standing on while pulling with the arm same side as your leg…then switch directions do 4 sets 15 reps
push pull

Ball Push Ups
Using a gym ball grip either side of the ball squeezing inward then perform a push up slow and steady 4 sets 10-20 reps

ball push up1
ball push up 2

Last little gem to add to your regime… is the Archer’s T Plank..

Archer’s T
Basically you put hand on the floor hold your self up in a side plank and extend out your other arm and hold ridged, being sure to hold good tight abs, stay in pelvic tilt and breathe

Hold 3 times each side 1-2mins build up to more if you can…

archers T plank

If you want to up your game go see your local Physical Therapist office they may be able to build you a program that will help work on your deficiencies and muscle imbalances….. Endurance Rehab in Scottsdale / Mesa / Pheonix AZ evaluated me and designed a sport specific program for me to get me to the next level..