Attention Mule deer Hunters…………

Attention Mule deer Hunters…………This just came across my desk.. if you love hunting , mule deer and love to see them thrive.. read this letter..



One of the greatest threats facing sportsmen today is this radical idea in the American West to “transfer” millions of acres of federal public lands – owned by all Americans to the states. As you read this some Wyoming legislators are forging a path to take over public lands for the state to manage and potentially sell. Two Wyoming House bills will be introduced this week that would do the following: – HB 142 – Transfer of federal lands. This bill proposes to seize our public lands in Wyoming and sets up a process for the sale of those lands. – HB 126 – Public land access.  The bill is an attack on public lands management, including the protection of streams and wildlife habitat.  Major points in opposition: *    These lands belong to all Americans and already support a vibrant outdoor recreational economy for Wyoming.  *    The state of Wyoming does not have the resources to manage these additional lands without selling or leasing them. The tax base of 500,000 residents will surely not compare to that of 319+ million. History has shown what will happen to these lands as State lands since 1890 have been reduced by 26%. *    Public lands transfers would mean locking the public out of areas that hunters, anglers and others have enjoyed for generations. Public lands and access is synonymous with the very fabric of freedom that makes living out west so cherished. The U.S. Congress has the only legal authority to transfer federal lands. However, this has not stopped states from setting the stage for this to happen.  The motivation for these lawmakers is transferring public lands to the states means these lands will not be subject to federal processes for regulating and managing these lands, including environmental review and impact processes. This land is your land, this land is my land!


Please email your Representative today and ask them to vote “NO” on HB142 and HB126, and to keep public lands in public hands. Legislators need to hear and will respond to your concerns. Click HERE for link for legislators.  Please contact them quickly and le your voice be heard.

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