June 20

Im tired of being harassed By Anti-Hunters

I was looking through comments I had not yet approved on my Blog when I came across this beauty of a comment on my Mountain Lion hunt post…


Mar 30, 2016

punk assed bastard.look at his goofy ass,he probably shot it with bait like a chickenshit.these hunters ae gonna pay for their destruction of our wildlife.and don’t tell me they do more than anyone that is suh bullshit all you cowards do is take take take,you kill off all the big predators so you can take your picture and show off like this pencil dic homo muthr fukr above.if I knew who this punk was id go knock on his door and kick his fukn teeth in.fukn goofy bastard,like I said ,were gonna put a stop to your bullshit hunting yo are a bunch of pathetic cowards ,maybe we should start hunting hunters??that’s a great idea.dress like one and shoot an their asses when they aint looking like they do to animals.or better yet put an arrow through them and track em for hours in terror.this guy is a fukn bitch anyone who kills big cats is a bitch,where are these things supposed to go to get away from you sneaky assholes?

At first it made me angry, then it made me laugh, but in the end it made me think about my children and how horrible it would be if they had to witness me being shot down by some crazed lunatic or have to watch me defend myself and hurt another human being….

I am so tired of being the victim of malicious comments, emails, and messages. It seems like those opposed to hunting have free reign as to what they can do or say within social forums and even our own personal cyber space. Many of them spend a considerable amount of time seeking out us hunters so they can sling there hateful words and impose their views all unprovoked. I myself have never sought out a member of HSUS and gave them a piece of my mind, I have never pulled vegan aside and told them their lifestyle is unhealthy or imposed my way of life on a non-hunter. Yet weekly I get someone imposing their views and lashing out at me with extreme malice. These in my opinion are hate crimes and I will no longer sit quite and turn the other cheek. I will not stoop to their level and engage in hate but I will start turning people into the authorities for harassment and those that have threaten my life I will seek prosecution when at all possible.

I have started a new initiative based on comment above.. He called us hunters Sneaky Assholes I am going to take these hateful words and turn them into a positive.. #sneakyasshole will now be our campaign to help end the ability for these people to get away with malice. My hope is that it goes viral to the point that non-hunters and maybe even anti-hunter start wearing these shirts not knowing they are funding organizations that work for the rights of hunters…  Yes we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations like SCI and  Boone and Crocket to help bring an end to the hate…    North American Model of Conservation . Hunting Is Conservation  

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