June 26

Axius Core in home workout

Axius balance board in home exercise routine: Although I am a professional hunter few people know my first degree in college was Exercise Physiology I’m a firm believer in a fit hunter is a better hunter. I try to build my exercise routine to be sport specific and really try to condition myself to the thing I will face in the field. Moreover as an archer balance and stability are key to optimum performance.

I have put together 5 exercises in a short in home workout that help build proprioception in multiple plains: Watch the video here

1) balance push ups
2) iso weighted sit up
3) balance board lateral raises
4) Multi directional dynamic plank
5) Balance reverse fly

3-4 sets of each 60-90secs rest in between sets.

If you like fitness and love hunting check out my podcast Interviews with the Hunting Masters https://interviewswiththemasters.podbean.com/