Backpack Gear list… keep it under 35lbs

Hunting Backpack gear list for spike out

So I’m not much of a backpacker, but its not because I’m not good at it, I’ve done my fair share. The older I get, the less I want to make my life harder. My biggest thing is sleep, showers, and good hot meals to keep me motivated while hunting. I have always been the guy who would rather get up earlier and hike longer to enjoy the aforementioned creature comforts. However, sometimes its not possible and I am forced to spike out for 2 days at a time just to minimize my travel and/or stay with an elk herd etc.. Below is my backpack gear list and how I try to keep it under 35lbs without eliminating too much. This gear list will allow you to go on longer spike outs just by adjusting your food, water and maybe more clothes.

Backpack: I like the Mystery Ranch Bear tooth on the guide lite frame, its fairly light at 6.7 lbs on its own and very comfortable with good organization. A very intuitive pack! I hate sloppy and complicated

Cook/ Camp kit 25.93oz: Toaks titanium ultra light cook pot, 2 GSI collapsible sporks, Sawyer squeeze water filtration system, Potable water tabs, dude wipes, toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, jet boil fuel 110g, wash cloth, FireFly Ultra light Camp Stove I’ve had it for 15 years still works great.

Cooking kit
BackPacking cook Kit

First Aid Kit 17.32oz: Ultralight Med kit, 2 emergency blankets, single use eye drops, Benadryl, High Altitude lighter, Advil , Quick fire packet, suture kit

Kill Kit 12.78: Nitrile HD Gloves, Ultralight EDC Outdoor edge, Pen, Fire Starter, High altitude lighter dude wipes, sharpener, Pyro putty, 3 guts hooks, 6 blades

Recharge kit: 17.53: Battery Bank 20000 and several different wire types

Camp 96.78oz: Flash Air 2 tent , Mountain Hardware sleep bag, Camp Lantern, Big Agnus AXL pad and pillow,

Extra clothes 30.55oz: Sitka Merino base Layers top and bottom, gloves, beenie, rain jacket plus socks

Tripod 52.24oz: Slik Carbon fiber tripod with manfrotto pan head 391RC2

Binos 48.61oz: 15×56 Swarovski SLC HD

Game bags:6.49oz Reusable game bags from allen work great and are cheap

Loose gear 20.84oz: Toilet paper, Dude wipes, Petzl headlamp, Nebo 1000 flash light, Garmin Inreach, Tiedowns, chapstick, AMP elk reeds , Iphone tripod adapter

Food 37.28 oz: I’m allergic to garlic an onions so its very hard for me to eat backpack meals but I have found that the Backpacker’s pantry mango rice which is listed as dessert is excellent for dinner (not sweet at all) very filling and carb loads you for next day and I stick to granola or oats for breakfast and then for lunch I eat biltong and bars

survival kit16.75: More fire starters, two cable saws, compass, survival bivy sack, whistle, life straw, batteries, tie wire, some cordage.

Obviously there are some redundancies with fire starting , lights, and recharging that can be cut down a bit if you need to shed some more ounces. But I always feel safer when I have multi means for fire starting, multiple lights and can charge my phone. Good luck out there