Indexing your broadheads

How To index your broadheads – So I did some testing last year on whether or not indexing your broadheads made any accuracy improvements, well the simple answer is yes there was a measurable difference when shooting with a shooting machine at longer distances. We used 3 different broadheads Alien archery 2blade single bevel, Ozcut Hurricane and Swhacker 2 blade 2″ all of them had tighter groups at 70 yards out of a hooter shooter indexed broadhead vs Non-indexed broadhead. The Swhacker had the greatest improvement at .132″ tighter and the Alien .129″ archery followed by the hurricane which was basically just a hair over .125″ (1/8″) tighter group.

So it begs the questions is it worth it to index my broadheads? That’s a question you have to ask yourself it is a bit time consuming to index each broadhead but if you got the time and want that next level performance out of your arrow then….. why not index your broadheads? For me it’s a confidence booster. I look at every angle and see what I can “shave off”, a degree here and there all gets me closer to my end goal and that is filling a tag. There are so many things we cannot control while hunting that is why I feel its super important to try and control the things you can. Any little percentage I can pick up I will..

Here is a video I made to teach you how to index your broadheads and what little pitfalls to look for while indexing your broadheads


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