California Hunting is under attack!!

Howl for Wildlife

Hunters and conservationists – this is the final sprint in the battle for California!! The HSUS war on hunting rights and conservation will only be won through massive nationwide opposition. Twisting data, manipulating emotions and stirring animosity towards the best science known does not make a foundation for policy, however HSUS is attempting to do that. 

First & foremost – we need your action to maintain momentum! 

Sign this petition – add your name to 3 of the most powerful pro-hunting letters you’ll see all year. The letters are INCREDIBLE. A must read, proud moment for our community. 

SHARE a call to action to your network via email and Instagram  

Join the CA F&G call on 2/17 (zoom

In the last several weeks grassroots advocacy and conservation organizations have pushed back or fully neutralized attacks on hunting in VA, NH, CO and WA. Grassroots advocacy has bolstered support for science-based mgmt in AZ. Now the fight is in CA – this week. 

Where are we thus far – great progress, but not done yet: 

1) Via the HOWL for Wildlife advocacy portal >5200 individual emails have been drafted and sent to the Fish & Game Commission! 

2) 26 local, state and national conservation and hunting rights orgs have joined in 10-page letter rebutting the HSUS petition!! (see this letter here )

3) Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and the United Hunters Project have both submitted powerful letters opposing the ban on bear hunting. 

We are not done yet – the hunting community is waking up to the threat from HSUS, but we need to rally ASAP to support and protect wildlife management in CA.  

Please take action ASAP, and support or help others do the same.