Bruce “Hutch” Hutcheon MT. Goats at 60yrs, 14ers at 70yrs and scrape hunting whitetail

Bruce “Hutch” Hutcheon MT. Goats at 60yrs, 14ers at 70yrs and scrape hunting whitetail

Episode 8.37 John Stallone talks with host of Whitetail Rendezvous podcast Bruce Hutcheon on scrape hunting for whitetail and his amazing adventures. I tease Bruce about his age but this guy runs circles around guys less than half his age because at 71 hes still climbing 14ers and chasing big game all over the west.


About Bruce Hutcheon:

Bruce has enjoyed hunting from Ungava Bay of northern Quebec to the tundra of Alaska. His hunting adventures include many provinces of Canada, most of the mid-west and Rocky Mountain states. Presently, Bruce serves on the Colorado Sportsmen’s Roundtable representing the sportsmen and women of the Southeast region of Colorado. He has served as a Huntmaster for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, RMBS board member and life member, Co-Chair of RMEF Big Game Banquet in Colorado Springs and RMEF life member #200, Life member of the Wild Sheep Foundation and a life member of the NRA. During the winter months Bruce heads to the warm waters of the eastern pacific seeking trophy Yellow Fin tuna out of San Diego, CA. Bruce and his family have lived in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area for many years.


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Scrape hunting tips

1 Make a hot scrape hotter by dragging a rag saturated with deer urine behind you as you walk to your stand. When you get there, hang a scent wick on the licking branch.

2 Give the scrape staying power by freshening it with doe urine before you leave.

3 Call and rattle as you sit over a fresh scrape . The maker may be bedded or traveling nearby, and the sound of other deer may coax him to investigate.

4 Midday scrape action can be intense, especially at those in or near security cover. If your buck doesnユt show at first light, stick around.

5 Licking branches are a key part of active scrapes. If they break off a lot of times that scrape will go dormant. you can actually create your licking branches by taking a branch off that tree and wiring it in place.

6 If it has been raining all night make sure you are in your stand when the rain breaks that buck will be back by to freshen up his scrapes.

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