How I started Interviews with the Hunting Masters podcast

How I started Interviews with the Hunting Masters podcast

For 6.5 years (2004-2011) I hosted a podcast Called Interviews with the Hunting Masters that was exclusive to The Hunting Channel Online members. I stopped producing shows several years ago because I was concentrating on my TV Show Days In the Wild. But after much debate and pestering from some of my fans to get it back up and going. I decided to bring back the show for public consumption ..

The Goal of the show is to interview and talk to those guys that seem to get it done year in year out, the guys that everyone looks up to in their neck of the woods and try to squeeze out of them those secret tips and tactics that help make them so successful. My podcast started mostly as a bow hunting podcast and evolved into a big game podcast with a heavy focus on bow hunting. I called it Interviews with The Bowhunting Masters Originally and changed it IWTHM in year two. When I brought it to the public in early 2016 I wasn’t sure if i wanted to change the name to Days in The Wild like my TV show or call it The Bowhunter’s podcast. I decided to test the waters and release some of my old episodes first to see if there was any interest in the show keeping the original name. 10 years later my podcast still bares its original name.

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