Elk Call Review 2017

Elk Call Review 2017

I have been doing a review on Elk calls this season mainly because I drew two Elk tags and I wanted to make sure I found the best elk calls that worked for me. Little disclaimer this is a highly biased elk call review and not all elk calls work the same or feel the same for ever person, some may fit you very well and don’t fit me at all so I encourage you to try them out and find the best fit for your mouth and your style of calling. This may help you weed out those elk calls that are just not worth even trying out.  Best elk calls

Test parameters:

Quality of sound: I wanted to natural sounding calls took elk sound recordings and match the calls up to them and scored the elk calls according to how well they matched up to real elk call review

Comfort: I’m big on being comfortable so I rated the elk calls based on how comfortable they were in your mouth and to carry

Ease of Use: Scored on how easy it was to get a quality sound out of it and what the learning curve was to make  quality sounds f the best elk calls

Failure rate: How often did the elk call freeze up, how easy was it to produce an unwanted sound, and how long did they last

Control: are yo limited to making one sound, can you vary your pitch, can the elk call vary in volume, how wide of a range does it have how easy it to go from one sound to another

Elk call review 2017

Summery of my Elk Call Review 2017

The best elk calls for me:

Well in the End the highest scoring elk calls were The Reel elk by Reel game calls, The Phelps AMP Orange diaphragm, The Bully Bull Tube by Rocky Mountain game calls. But let me tell you what I’m carrying this elk season and why…. I will definitely be taking the Elk Reel it was by far the easiest to create quality cow sounds I never once made a sound that didn’t sound like and elk and it has great control and versatility. The cons for me were I couldn’t produce good bugles with it and it was a little uncomfortable for me in my mouth and lastly because I use a kisser button I felt that even though its a  ” hands free” call I wont be using it to stop bulls to make a shot. I will be taking the AMP orange by Phelps game calls because for me coupled with the Bully Bull by far produced the best locating bugles, bull calling cows bugle and challenge bugle. Moreover, it produce quality cow sound for my and was very comfortable in my mouth and very easy to locate the sweet spot. I will have this in my mouth once the distance has been closed so I can stop a bull if need be.  Which brings me to the Bully Bull I love the sound it produces I love that its matchy matchy to my Sitka camo 🙂 but its major draw back is its size my plan is to take it with me but if it start getting in my way I may switch to the “Pack A Bull”. I also plan on taking the HS Fight’n Cow its fairly easy to use, great for long distance cow calls and produces a very unique whinny excited sound. Well that’s my 2 cents worth… I encourage you to not only look at the final scores on the Elk call review but to look at the specific numbers and judge what most important for you. For instance The primos cow girl scores fairly high because its super easy to use and makes quality sounds but has the highest failure rate of them all. I use to use this call but it failed me plenty of times in the field or the Hoochie mamma also scores fairly high no learning curve and almost never fails but the sound quality is very lacking and you don’t have control of volume or pitch and you really cant do much with it other than cow chirps. So find something that is comfortable for you and easy to master but still gives you versatility… Good luck out there this elk season send me pics of your bulls on Instagram  @johnstallone

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