Elk Recipes.. Elk Slider bites

Elk Recipes…If you are looking for a new way to cook your elk burger here is a fun little Elk recipe  that your kids will love and easy to make.



Elk Recipes… Elk burger slider bites

1 pound ground elk

1/8 cup parmesan cheese

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

½ teaspoon chipotle powder

White American cheese (or your favorite sliced cheese)

20 -22 large waffle fries frozen


Preheat your oven to 450

In a large bowl combine the ground elk, parmesan, salt, pepper, chipotle, mix until evenly distributed.

On cooking sheet with pam or lightly butter  place your waffle fries place them into the oven for 20mins until crisp

On separate  flat pan or cooking sheet spray with pam or lightly butter  place  ¾  to 1oz mini patties cook for approximately 10-12 min

Remove both pans place elk burger patties on top of the waffle fries one per fry and place an appropriate sized piece of cheese on each and put back into the oven for a minute or so to melt cheese.. server by itself or with your favorite BBQ sauce Boom Ready to eat Elk Slider Bites! Subscribe for more elk recipes

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