food plots

Person’s Name: jamie brown

Question : im new to deer hunting!i just got on a lease when do i plant a food plot?what do i plant?what does a scrap mean and why do they do that? i guess i need a little deer 101 please help,,,, thanks jamie i live in louisiana

Wow Jamie taken on a lease is a big deal, and proper management takes a lot of work and time. There is a lot of research and planning to build it effectively. Your first steps is to learn more about hunting deer before you begin spending time and money into the land you will be hunting. First you need to do some scouting start as early as may watch the deer from a distance: behavior, where they come from where they go to, what they are eating, time of day etc. Don’t worry if you don’t see any bucks your gonna want to hunt the does when the rut kicks in because that’s where the bucks will be. Any way once you have a good feel for what the deer do on your property, begin looking for sign in the mid day where you observed the deer look for travel lanes and trails leading to and from cover. Get back into this cover walking slightly off the trail I like to walk in pretty deep look for a slight clearing that might be 10×10 yards wide something that will give you some clear shooting lanes. Set up a trace mineral lick that you buy from a feed and tack shop don’t spend a bunch of money on a “deer lick” at Cabelas in a spot that has clear shot from a good treestand tree. Use block topper for the first application to help deer find your lick then once they know it there you wont have to add more. Set up a trail camera on the lick about 20 feet away something that doesn’t have a flash. Wait 7-10 days then check it if you have good activity like deer hitting it consistently keep it out if not find a different spot. Once you are getting good activity leave the camera out for 2-3 weeks at time and continually going to swap out cards batteries etc. keep a log of the deer you see on the cam you will be able to pattern them form the pics (time of day, temp, moon etc) This is a good way to attract good deer and will be ready to hunt in the early season . and will continue to b good through the season

A scrape is a marking post, it is a way for deer to communicate like leaving voice mail. It lets both bucks and does know status and presence

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