Pre-Season Scouting part #2

Hi welcome to the hunting channel online’s tips of the week sponsored by Illinois xtreme whitetails last week we started talking about preseason scouting before we ran out of time So lets give you the next piece of the puzzle

My next Move is to contact the local Department of transportation for a report on deer related car accidents, I will look at peak weeks usually indicating peak chase phase of the rutt, I will analyze any info that can be extracted from the info they provided highest number, time of day buck to doe ratio you would be surprised how much you can learn from those reports. Then I will contact the wild life manager in those areas that I have narrow down to and ask questions like hunter densities, deer behavior, what they are eating  etc. you would be surprised how much a wildlife manager is willing to share with you. Well we are  about outa of time be sure to join us next week for the next piece of the puzzle  and remember to save money on premier guided hunts like Illinois xtreme whitetails join THC