Get your TV show on The Hunting Channel

Guys we are getting ready to launch the new site. We need you start submitting your shows via your portal. Go to this is our beta site fill out the broadcast agreement and info( I know we have most of you in hard copy on file but please do it anyway so we can be sure we have the updated info). Then you will be receiving an email from The Hunting Channel it will have a click here button which will take you to your log in. there you will be able to upload your Logo, Bio and of course your shows. It works like Youtube, upload in any format and it will automatically convert to FLV  no more having to convert, burn and send. Now we can ensure your fans see your shows on interrupted basis.

Once You have logged in there will be tutorials on how to use your control panel and if you are an affiliate or want to be one there will be info regarding that as well in the tutorials we finally got a sophisticated system for tracking affiliate money. No more relying on me to go back through and count by hand. It works like google adsense where if a person clicks our banner on your site and purchases a membership you automatically get the commission or if they use your promo code from your TV show it tracks it as well.  You will be able to track any sales and “click throughs” yourself within your affiliate panel. There will be tools for you to make more sale very cool stuff

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.   


Thank you,

John P. Stallone

Marketing Director

If you dont have a show click here to find out about getting one