Predator Hunting to keep the skills sharp

If your like me, you get real tired of shooting at a target to keep your bow skills in tip top shape. Well nothing better then getting out during the spring and calling for predators. Set up is key if you want to call in a fox, coyote, or bobcat with in range of your bow. Aside from checking for sign of your prey, you have to pick an area that funnels the predator to cross your line of sight without cursing him to get a direct look in your direction. This is so you won’t get caught drawing back and will give you a higher percentage shot opportunity. Next use a motion decoy if you can, this maybe as simple as tying a big feather in a bush so that it flaps with the wind. A little scent of the prey you are mimicking can be effective as well. Lastly provide yourself with a good backdrop and some sparse cover in front of you to get maximum concealment. Good luck and be sure to catch great tips like this on