Ground Blind Hunting

Ground blind Cover Up

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How many of you have been busted while hunting out of a ground blind? Well I have! Im gonna share with you some tips to help minimize the chance of this happening to you. One thing you must remember that no matter how great of a blind you have you must conceal it with brush, and dirt to dull the fabric (even those no shine blinds need help) i also lik eto spray my blind down with scent elimintor. Two make sure you place the blind in an area that deer will not be directly facing you when they enter your stand area. Three make sure you do not open too many windows and if you need to open windows so you can shoot on both sides make sure you sit up against the closed portion of the blind. When you move3 around in the blind make sure you are not silhouetted in the window I like to duck down bellow the windows to make movements. and lastly and most importantly try and set up your blinds as early possible, let the deer get used to it being there.
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