Treestand Warm up

Treestand Warm up

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If you are like me sitting in a tree-stand for hours on end can get very painful. My back starts to cramp my legs get stiff, and then I start moving around a lot, which ultimately screws with my chances of scoring a buck..

One way I found to prolong my ability to sit still and slow my aches and pains is to follow this simple regime:

At my truck I stretch my hamstrings by doing a hurdlers stretch 2x each leg holding 20 sec

I then stretch my calves 2x each leg hold 20 sec

I sit “Indian style” and bend forward reaching out as far as I can to stretch my lower back 3x 20 secs

I will then do neck circles to loosen my neck a few times in each direction

lastly I will stretch my upper back by grabbing on to my truck with both hands and leaning back rolling my chest forward to feel the stretch in my upper back 2x 20 sec. this little routine helps my stay loose for longer and greatens my chances for a big buck.. Remember Get other great tips just like this at !