How to choose the right Hunting Podcast for you

How to choose the right Hunting Podcast for you:

Submitted By Joseph R.

Hunting Podcasts and podcasting in general have grown in popularity over the past two years its seems as if anyone with a computer can and has started a podcast. So how do you decipher what’s right for you? Well one would think just listen to a few and see which sparks your interests. Which is true… however, I caution you that while on your search have a standards list especially those seeking to gain knowledge and not just be entertained. It’s not just about the guests and their expertise, because if the host doesn’t know the right questions to ask or they do not know how to steer the conversation you are going to get a lot of repetitive pre-thought out answers from guests.

So what I have done to weed through the masses of hunting podcasts is use a simple 2 podcast test. What does that mean? Well I pick two podcast episodes from the Hunting podcast I am interested in, usually pick two with different topics to get some diversity and I listen to them my list of standards.

Hunting Podcast Screening list:

1) Does the host have extensive experience and does he have insight to offer on the subject

2) Does the Host ask questions that I would have?

3) Does the host ask the interviewee clarifying questions?

4) Does the host let the interviewee “off the Hook” with generalized answers? 

5) Are the episodes relevant to the current season?

6) Are they entertaining?

7) Do they have an annoying voice? 

8) Is the host well spoken?

9) Is the podcast 20 mins of advertisement and 30 mins of conversation?

10) Is the production quality good? 

My favorite Hunting Podcasts by category:


Western Big Game:

  1. Interviews With The Hunting Masters – John Stallone
  2. Jay Scott Outdoors – Jay Scott

Whitetail Hunting podcast:

  1. Big Buck Registry -Jay Scott
  2. Wired to Hunt– Mark Kenyon

Back Country Podcasts:

  1. Beyond The Kill – Adam Janke
  2. Solo Hunter Podcast– Tim and Remi

Entertainment podcasts:

Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan ( this is the only one i let off the hook with the advertisements)


I listen to a bunch of different podcasts but only very episode specific the ones listed above are the podcasts I will listen to religiously. I’m an easily annoyed person and it doesn’t take much for me to lose interest in a podcast episode if doesn’t meet my watching criteria consistently. And for the most part I want to be educated, entertained without being annoyed and the podcasts I listed above for the most part do that.

Take from it what you will but hopefully this helps you weed through the BS.

From John Stallone: Thanks for submitting and listening to the podcast. I think this article has interesting perspective and some good advise…