Why Phoenix Shooting bags?

Ultra-Lightweight Shooting Bags Improve Long-Range Accuracy in the Field

Phoenix Shooting Bags front and rear bags weigh just a few ounces, can be carried into the backcountry.


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Created by hunters through trial and error in the field, Phoenix Shooting Bags are a one-of-a-kind lightweight and durable shooting bag designed to improve long-range rifle accuracy. Available in four different styles, Phoenix Shooting Bags can be used as front and rear rifle rests. Each bag is crafted from Cordura nylon and can withstand burrs, thorns, rocky ground and other rough elements encountered on hunting expeditions. With Phoenix Shooting Bags shooters can benefit from the long-range accuracy they can achieve at the range using benches, without toiling under back-breaking weight.


Phoenix Shooting Bags are currently available in four styles – the X-Small Rear Bag, the Small Ridge Runner, Medium Ridge Runner and the Tony Bag of Donuts. The Tony Bag of Donuts ($54.00) weighs just 7.1 ounces and is a multi-functional shooting bag. You can use it on a tripod, have it rest on a boulder, or even nestle it between the limbs of a tree. The roll top allows you to adjust the fill to your liking and even though this bag was designed for a front rest it can also be used as a rear bag, or as a pillow for a field recovery nap on a grueling day.


The 5.6-ounce X-Small Rear Bag ($48.00) is a handheld squeeze bag that is ideal to use under the butt of the rifle when shooting prone to aid making minor vertical adjustments to your point of aim. Slightly more versatile, the 8.4-ounce Small Ridge Runner ($64.00) can also be used as a rear bag for vertical adjustments, and as a front rest when taking shots off boulders and uneven ground.


The multi-purpose 14.8-ounce Medium Ridge Runner ($84.00) is a front of the stock rest. It has 10-inch vertical height, which allows you to shoot those vertical incline shots. Set the bag flat and you will have 4.5 inches for your decline shots. Lastly, flip the bag on its side and you will have 7 or 9.5 inches to adjust for your shot. The straps on the Medium Ridge Runner can be used underneath your scope so the bag is connected to your rifle, or they can be tightened to give the bag a tighter fill. The 1-inch nylon hook straps/PALS webbing can be used to connect an S-loop hook or slotted male or female quick attach SR buckles.


“I have tried my fair share of portable shooting bags, and they all lacked something, Whether it was the weight, or they were not a stable platform, or did not offer adjustable positions, were cumbersome or hard to use, they all came up short and I opted to shoot off my backpack. Phoenix Shooting Bags made it possible for me to stretch out my effective range 200 yards beyond where I was comfortable shooting just off my pack and because they are so light and portable compared to some of the others I have tried in the past I won’t go hunting without them now.” John Stallone 


All Phoenix Shooting Bags are available in Coyote Brown, Kryptec Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake, Nato Camo, Neon Green, Orange and Tri Camo at www.phoenixshootingbags.com.

About Phoenix Shooting Bags


Phoenix Shooting Bags were invented by a hunter through trial-and-error. In the past, creator Anthony Stallone carried bags of sand with him to use as a rest, but they were too heavy to be practical. The next version of the early idea for the bags used synthetic fill in a dry bag, which was not durable enough to hold up during field use. Finally, durable fabrics and lightweight fill were used to create the final version of the bag and requests from friends and family came rolling in until the orders became too much to be a home sewing project anymore and the Phoenix Shooting Bags company was created.