Hunting Backpack Review Announcement 2018

Hunting Backpack Review Announcement 2018

I am super excited to announce that we will be conducting a hunting backpack review over the next couple of months. I have been unable to contractually review backpacks for a few years and its time to find the next best pack to suit my needs, so I figured you all could benefit from my journey.  So for me and the way I to hunt is I often operate from a truck camp or motel so  I treat most of my hunting as a day pack type hunt. But i also like to get away from people and I also like to be efficient so i like my packs to be organized, lightweight , nimble and still have the capability to pack out an animal when the time comes. Nothing drives me more nuts then having to go back to the truck empty handed to  go grab a frame…. well maybe the other thing that drives me nuts just as much is having to tear apart my whole pack to get to one thing I need.  Anyway, so I will be reviewing a few different packs in what I call the Day+ category.

Backpack review 2018 test Parameters

Test parameters:


Ease of use





Mounting accessories




Packs will also be placed in price category to be tested against true competition. We test the packs on the parameters listed below from 400 ft elevation-10,000ft from the desert to high country on several different hunts in a number of different conditions. Results will be out some time in early November.


The Backpacks we will be reviewing:

Blacks Creek: Answer with Talon Frame

Mystery Ranch : The Cabinet 

Stone Glacier: Avail 2200 on X-curve frame

Initial Ascent: IA4k 

Kifaru: Fulcrum on a  Duplex Lite frame