Mathews – Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Review 2018

Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Review 2018

My father in law recently had shoulder surgery and unfortunately he is not able to draw back a bow anymore and ever really without a lot of work on his part so I started doing research on crossbows to try to find him then best bang for the buck. Of course I went to all the top manufactures to start looking at options I read and watch several crossbow reviews before I narrowed it down to 5 crossbows I wanted to check out hands on review.

Mission sub-1

Ravin R20 $2549:  Ravin on paper clearly had the best numbers and it shot amazing there is no denying that however at basically $2,600 it was nearly $1,000 more than the rest and I found it wasn’t as quiet as the Mission or the Assassin

Cam X A4 $1,499: Nice all around bow especially for the price it was the least expensive 100+ yard corssbow for the money its a tough beat.

Excalibur Assassin $1,599: very quite simple and easy to use to tuning and kinda bullet proof. but not a 100+ yard bow without some serious tinkering

10 Point Nitro X $2,049: It was a very compact with the shortest axle to axle but just didn’t feel right in the hands awkwardly balanced plus it was fairly heavy plus it was fairly loud in comparison

easy set up

Mission Sub-1 $1,899: I end up choosing the Sub-1 because bang for the buck it had everything I was looking for super accurate out beyond 100 yards, the ability to de-cock the bow without having to shoot it into a target, it was light, well balanced, the optics are very good and the drop compensation is right on the money and can be adjusted to stay as the bow loses speed over time ( all bows lose speed from cable stretch etc) . One of the other things that stood out to me immediately was it didn’t feel like a toy in my hands very well built and felt like it had thought put into the design. The adjustable pull on the stock, the perfectly fitting draw cables so you can leave them connected when not in use, the way the quiver mounts, everything streamline and built for hunting. Lastly the room to adjust to achieve proper eye relief was refreshing,  the trigger was excellent on this unit and the safety wasn’t loud or hard to operate its these little things that helped sway me in this direction.











After the purchase

So I got my father in law the Mission Sub-1 and began to set it up which took me about 20 mins total super simple and the bow was tuned right out of the box , put a little rail lube which came with the unit and took her out to the field. I set it up on a set of Phoenix shooting bags and had the crossbow dialed in at 20 yards in 4 shots. 3 shots later I had it sighted in from 20 to 100. I was shooting 1″ groups at 80 yards on a fairly windy day plus I even got a robin-hood at 60 yards. I was so impressed with it that I went and got my own and plan to do a rifle coues deer hunt with mine. I think I may run the Huskemaw set up on mine and get it dialed in for 200 yards

80 yard group

Best crossbow 2018

Shooting off of Phoenix Shooting Bags