Hunting in the late season

Hunting in the late season should really begin with you scouting immediately after last years season is over.

One good way to establish feeding and travel patterns is scouting in post season when you are not too concerned with spooking deer and you can get an idea of late season feeding areas and travel corridors. By now in most states you will have snow on the ground and you will be able to locate the winter range of deer by following tracks back into bedding and feeding areas. (The trees are bare now as well which makes it easier for you to locate rubs which you may want to take note of for next years pre-rut and rut hunts.)

Locating these areas marking them with GPS and /or in your note book will give you foresight for next years late season hunts .To further improve on your findings you can observe deer movements by placing a stand or blind in a distant area overlooking your findings keeping notes of what they do, and where they come from etc.

Trail cameras become very useful here as well. Just like before taking notes on time of day, weather conditions food sources etc. are going to provide you with the tools you need to score in the late season next year.

We may not all have the time to go scouting the year before to hunt the next year so here is some ways we can still tag out in the late season.

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