Last day of deer season

Well we went out for the last day of late season archery deer hunting here in AZ. It was more of a day out with my cousins then actually hunting, there was four of us which is two too many, in my opinion to be successful at spot and stalk mule deer hunting. Anyway, I still tried to make it happen. Lets just say it was more then a bust! It was a full moon, it was windy and worst of all every hunter in the area thought it was a good idea to hunt where i was hunting as well.

I started off the morning by locating a nice 4×4 160+ inch muley in a good stalkable position, the wind was blowing straight from him to me and he was only with 3 does not a whole Hiram of eyes. The does had him very occupied and they were feeding and not moving very much. Unfortunately for me I was having radio difficulties which took me close to 20 mins to fix. i was finally starting my journey over to my buck when my cousin radios back to me to tell me that another hunter came over the ridge and spooked the deer I was stalking. S.O.B! I cant believe it, this has happened to me 5 times this year alone, and the funny thing is I usually hunt in areas that i see maybe one person in a whole day of glassing.

well unfortunately i did not find another shooter buck the whole day, we glassed 63 does and 2 fork horns and 1 spike. i hunted 4 other days in this particular area and I had seen 12 bucks over 160 1 over 200″ very disappointing especially on the last day of season i am so sad no more hunting until may now for me, well except predator hunting that is.