Hunting to me….. by John Stallone

Hunting to me… By John Stallone

Hunting to me has always been about the connection with to the earth and roll I feel I Play in the world.. I often get criticized, berated and even cursed for my love of hunting ….Those that do don’t see, wont hear and can’t feel what it is to be me… Nor do they know the connection I have with nature and its beings…. I spent a lifetime searching for this connection and with each day I spend out in the field I feel my connection grows deeper, my  self-awareness and self-discovery of who I am becomes more evident.

Its never been about the kill for me, I don’t need game meat to survive or to feed my family, I don’t need to come home with the biggest or best trophy but I do need the connection to what I am and that is a hunter… It is something deep rooted in me and was evident even as a little boy, a past life, primal instinct I’m not sure but the only thing I’m sure of is when I’m out there ….. that’s the only time I feel like I’m me…..  link to coues deer hunting video






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