How to walk back tune your bow

How Do You Walk Back Tune Your Bow?

Before we get into how to walk back tune your bow let me tell you what you need.

  1. Large Target: Try to find the biggest one possible.
  2. a large washer with about 24″ of string
  3. Shooting distance of at least 40 yards preferably 60
  4. Allen Wrenches
  5. Range Finder
  6. Calm Wind or no wind

1) Start at 20 yards and shoot the tightest group you can of arrows at a small dot on the top center of your target .


Dot at top of target

2) Once you have shot a tight group locate the arrow closest to the center of your dot. remove the other arrows and then hang your string with the large washer from this arrow

3) Move back to 30 yards and aim for the same dot at the top of your target still using your 20 yard pin. then move back to 40 and then 50 yards also with your 20 yard pin. Go and inspect your your shots. All your arrow should be in a straight line below the top shot. If no and you have arrows constantly getting further away from the line in the same direction then you will need to adjust your rest accordingly.. That’s How to walk back tune your bow in it’s simplest form

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