Love Hunting?

Love Hunting?

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Written by outdoor writer Dustin Vaughn Warncke, The Best of the Outdoors is a compilation of Dustin’s best work

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  • Urban Deer Hunting
  • The Next Generation of Hunters and What we are Teaching Them
  • Positive Thinking When the Unexpected Happens
  • Accuracy and Hunting: What Really Counts in the End?
  • Hunting on a Budget
  • Enjoying Wildlife as Table Fare
  • Bowfishing: Aim Low, Think Big
  • and MORE!

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About the Author

Dustin Warncke serves as marketing director and co-host for Mac & Prowler’s Coyote Tales TV Show and has filmed and been featured in several TV shows featuring hunting-related products as well as rifle, shotgun, and archery “tech tip” segments. He also films, edits, and produces his own outdoor adventures. Many of his video productions have been featured on regional and national television networks in the US.


Dustin is also an avid outdoor writer and book author and is a regular contributor to ¬†and as well as other websites and blogs. He also serves as a reporter and contributing editor for Texas Fish & Game Magazine, which is currently the largest independently owned outdoor magazine in the nation and the largest and most popular outdoor publication in the state of Texas with circulation of around 100,000 paid subscribers…