We want to introduce You to a new TV show with a real message

helping build awareness and really making sure the mission came to life… Henry a long time prostaff of Savage Outdoors wanted to take his love of for Christ and his love for hunting mix it with his passion for filming and bring you Team FH TV

Henry and Crew are dedicated to their passion and are pumping out some great material so be sure to catch them on THC


Team FH


To further promote feeding organizations and ministries through video productions and to help promote and educate how you as a hunter/person can help your fellow man. We support and promote hunters and hunting efforts as well as farmers on crop damaged permits through their efforts to harvest deer (protein rich red meat) and donate these animals to help feed the needy all across our …great nation. We want to educate you on how you can serve our Lord and Savior through the passion of hunting and harvesting from Gods bounty. We further promote other non-hunting feeding ministries and partner to help further the cause of these organizations. We strive to be a positive aspect for all who give back in the way God directs them.

WELCOME Everyone~! Feed Hungry For Him BY: Henry Morris and Justin Ross


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