Only 46 Days Left Till Early Deer Season

I am losing my mind this year, I took the whole spring off from hunting. No turkey no bear, no predator, no nothing….. and Now im freaking going crazy! I find myself buying hunting gadgets and looking at all kinds of stupidity related to hunting so I can feed the urge. This morning I went over the footage from last years hunts. I use them like game tapes to prepare for the up coming year. I watch to what mistakes i made, what i could have done better, plus I gives me the opportunity to study my opponent and improve my Blueprint for success.

It is amazing how much you can learn just by watching your own hunts, the stuff the camera picks up that you did not notice or had forgotten is very helpful, given you know what to do with that information. And the stuff you can learn by watching deer up close; the little nuances that can mean the difference of putting a buck down or getting busted is priceless info to learn.

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