Trail Cam Showdown Update

Well we had planned on getting out this weekend and checking all 12 cameras, but i managed to get the stomach flu, and have been puking my gutts up for the last 48hrs. So We will have to go pull the cards next week.

Before I reveal what the parameters of our test, I want to clarify that we are not sponsored by any of these companies, nor did we except money. Yes I did receive the bulk of trail cameras for free. I think its a testament to the companies that they stand behind their products and took a chance by sending us cameras to run through the ringer. We told them straight up that we do not guarantee a favorable review or doctor our test results. So essentially they were taking a risk that their product was going to fair well. I bring this up because we received a couple of comments from the competition that our test was biased.
The testing parameters:

Ease of use: Is the interface user friendly is it easy to read and is it functional
Security: Can the camera be secured so that it wont be stolen on public land. Does it need a separate security box.
Ease of installation: How easy is it to hang
Picture Quality: How clear are the subjects, does it work in all lighting scenarios or does it wash out in bright light
Trigger Speed: Does the camera catch the full subject in frame
Video Quality: How good is the video, are there different settings, how adjustable are the settings
Special Features: Extra features and there “usability” in the field
Sensor Distance: How far out will the camera trigger
Night Time Capture Distance: What’s the range of infra red
Overall Design: How is it constructed, is it ergonomic? Is it conspicuous ?
Toughness: Will it stand up to punishing weather and conditions
Battery Life: How long will standard batteries last
Capacity: how large of a SD card does it except, and will it perform with all types of cards
Does it malfunction: Does it have any quarks
Warranty: What’s the warranty
Customer Service: Is there someone to help you when you need it

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