Shooting rests & In Field Shooting bags

Shooting rests & In Field Shooting bags for hunting

Best shooting bag for hunting

More and more guys/gals are trying to stretch out their shooting capabilities and one of the key components to shooting long range is having a good solid rest or shooting platform.. Now having a bench to make 1000 yard shots at the range is fine and all but its not practical to carry a bench sled or similar out in the field to hunt. So we look to portable shooting bags. There are many on the market that boast stability but few offer light weight versatility, and portability.  I have tried my fair share they all lacked something: whether it was the weight, or they were not a stable platform, or did not offer a adjustable positions, were cumbersome or hard to use they all came up short and I opted to shoot off my backpack.

Shooting off my backpack was a good solution but it doesn’t offer you a very comfortable position and its hard to make adjustments and really the back end of the rifle where you need the most control to make long shots is not stable at all and is relying on your ability to hold motionless. Phoenix shooting bags offers several different styles and sizes to accommodate your shooting needs. I took them out in the field and practiced life like shooting scenarios and compared my shots shooting just off my backpack and then with the Phoenix shooting bags. Well lets just say i’m not going hunting without them now… I was able to stretch out my effective range 200 yards beyond where I was comfortable shooting just off my pack and because they are so light and portable compared to some of the others I have tried in the past i couldn’t see any reason not to use them.

I really like the medium Ridge Runner bag for rear control and the Tony Bag of Doughnuts (TBD) bag for controlling the the front of the rifle. I like to set the fore-stock on the TBD bag on top of my pack and then use the Ridge Runner bag to adjust elevation. The cool thing about this set up is there is no need to muscle the gun just simply adjust the fulcrum to get the target lined up and by squeezing the rear bag or letting off on pressure you can fine tune the cross-hairs. This allows you to have a solid rest with minimal input from your body resulting in more accurate consistent shooting.