Stairwell workout

Stairwell workout

Many of us don’t have access to the mountains or at least don’t have them in our back yard. Or for some of us including myself that do have Mountain hikes very close by we just don’t have the time or don’t want to be bothered with other people or snakes or whatever keeps you from the MT.

Most of you know by now that I’m into functional training and sport specific training and that I’m not by any means a body builder I “Train for the Game”.

A couple of years ago I started utilizing my neighborhood parking garages for my hiking regime.. One because I) I could get the same work out and save about 30mins & 2) I didn’t have to deal with snakes…

Just running up and down the stairs is good cardio but its not functional training.. I started to develop different ways I could improve my weak points. I noticed that on the mountain I was always better at going up than down and that most of the times I got busted was because I couldn’t control my body to move stealthy.

Did you know that 60 flights of stairs is about the equivalent of 1,000 ascent and decent

So what I did was started incorporating the following:

My go to parking garage has 6 levels each time up is on set and I do 2 sets of each

1)      Walking up stepping on each step than walking down slowly touching each step

2)      Walking up skipping every other step than walking down slowly skipping each step

3)      Running up stepping on each step than Running down touching each step

4)      Running up skipping every other step than Running down skipping each step

5)      Side stepping touching each step than slowly coming down side stepping touching each step

6)      Side stepping skipping every other step than slowly coming down side stepping skipping steps

7)      Running up with bounding leaps  than coming down slow like your sneaking on an animal

This should give you about a 1,400 ft climb. And you can prob get it done in less than 30 mins. You can add sets as you get better and get creative and add your own movements. At Times I will even add dips, push up or situps when I reach the top of each climb… So get out there and be the best you can be….

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