Trail camera update

So i have been doing a bunch of traveling,, and havent had a chance to get out and check the cameras in a couple weeks. Typically I like to check them every 14-17days and when it gets closer to season I will check them once a week. its been 24 days since i last checked them, i will be heading up to the high country next weekend to check them all, i expect to have alot of information on them all. So for now all I have to report on is the few that I took out of state with me and the two that I have set up in the desert by my house. So far I have taken a liking to the Bushnell trophy cam HD, at first I gotta be honest with you i was goin to write it off because we had some problems with the camera which bushnell rectified right away for us. I took that opertunity to test bushnells customer service and warranty, I had a family member call and request a replacemnt camera to make sure they werent just trying to take care of me, because i was testing their products. They sent me out a new camera and a box in just a few days. that being said any company that stands behind their products gets an extra star from me.

I have been using the trophy cam HD as a 2nd camera  while filming hunts, and its pretty cool to have the 2nd angle. I have to prefect the timming, placement ect. so i can get 2nd angle kill shots. Anyway im really liking it!  I will let you know when we get back about what we find with the other cameras.