Whitetail Hunting’s Silver Bullet

FROM: The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint, (http://www.thewhitetailblueprint.com/).

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Arizona Author John Stallone Released New Book: “The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint”

A new book detailing the many secrets deer hunting has today been released by Scottsdale, AZ-based author John Stallone.
The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint, according to the author, teaches hunters how to locate, pattern, and harvest deer anywhere in the country, guaranteed.

The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint is now available online at http://www.thewhitetailblueprint.com/, and for a limited time, anyone who purchases the ebook version will receive four free months of video deer hunting tips and a 4 month free subscription of The Hunting Channel.

We asked. What is the purpose of your book? “To inform hunters there is a blueprint to being successful in the field, we don’t have to rely on just luck.”

“The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint is the deer hunters’ silver bullet… the one piece to the puzzle they are missing to become more successful at hunting,” said John, himself an avid deer hunter.
“Why spend hundreds, even thousands, each year to go hunting and come home empty handed, when you can arm yourself with the knowledge to greatly improve your success rate,” he added, thus emphasizing the invaluable resource this hunting guide is destine to become.
Arguing that hunters, by nature, are always looking for the edge the competitive edge while out hunting, John noted that there’s no longer need to worry about returning home from the field without a valuable deer trophy.

“Take it from me, the book guarantees your deer hunting success, or we will give your money back” he said.
Asked what makes The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint stands out above the competition, John pointed to the fact that, even though there are many books out there written by very good hunters, and he had already them all, the two things all those books lack are, they don’t know how to teach and they don’t have a easy plan for the reader to follow and adapt into his or her own hunting skill set.

This book touches on everything: scouting, becoming better with your bow, archery hunting, rifle hunting, special deer hunting tactics, public land hunting, still hunting, stand placement, spot and stalk hunting, reading deer sign, understanding the rut, early deer season tactics, late season deer hunting, calling in deer, mule deer hunting, hunting Coues deer and much more….

Person purchasing the book, according to John, will get several bonuses to include:
• 4 free months of http://www.thehuntingchannelonline.com: The most cutting edge multi-media hunting magazine on the internet. With access to all the best hunting shows available, deep discounts on everything from gear to guided hunts, as well as the most comprehensive hunting resource center on the net. Just upgraded and now you get
• The Secret of Hunting Western Game: The most comprehensive guide for hunting all of the major western animals.
• Four Months Membership with the American Association of Hunters: Get deep discounts on equipment, outfitters and just about everything you will ever need for hunting. Or… just use it to get a cheap deal on a vacation for you and your significant other.
One of the reasons John noted for writing The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint, he said, stemmed from his receiving an average of 200 questions each week on his blog, and in the “Ask the Pros” section of The Hunting Channel concerning Whitetail deer hunting.
For further information, please contact: John Stallone, Author, , info@huntsecrets.com, or visit http://www.thewhitetailbluprint.com/).