Quick Treadmill workout

I am always running low on time thus I’m always looking for workouts that maximize my effort. So If you don’t mind looking like a goof ball this is a great 30 min treadmill workout that burns calories, builds muscular endurance and coordination. Treadmill workouts are getting more and more popular because…. well mostly because we are all stuck at home and gyms are closed due to the demands of the oligarchy, but also because they are very effective way to achieve results and be efficient with time.

I start on the treadmill walk at 3mph at 4 incline for about 5 mins using my arms in multiple planes just to warm them up a bit once I feel loose and warmed up I begin my work sets.

1 set consists of 40 reps alternating shoulder press 40 reps of alternating curl/tricep extension 15-20 reps of band pull downs, 20 reps lateral raise, 20 reps of band chest press and 20 reps of rear delt with band. followed by 30 secs of twisting core movement.

Once I have completed one set I raise my incline up .5% and my speed .1 walk for 30-60secs then start my next set. Raising the speed and incline after each set . Typically I do a total of 5 sets and this usually takes me about 30mins and ends up being about 1.5 miles. A quick and efficient Treadmill workout

Band chest press on treadmill