What to do with your pheasant

So I was hunting with a good friend of mine Dave Ciani of High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters in South Dakota, last year for wild pheasnts, and his wife made me one of the most amazing wild game salads i ever had. i finally got her to send me the recipie and now im sharing it with you guys.

Fried Pheasant Salad
A Great Light Dish
-1 pheasant breast sliced into strips.
-1 cup dry cooking sherry
-1 cup flour
-1 tsp. salt
-1 tsp. pepper
-pinch of paprika
-1 bag of spring mix (example – organic gourmet baby greens)
-Caramelized sugared walnuts
In a hot pan, put in one cup of whole walnuts (no oil). Let walnuts get hot to the touch then add 1/4 cup of sugar and heat up until sugar starts to melt. Sugar will get a bit stringy. Then put walnuts on a plate.
-Currants – Add just a little sugar to them
-Red onions
-Cherry tomatoes
-Salt and pepper to taste
Vinaigrette – Equal parts of white balsamic and light olive oil.
Combine the batter ingredients. Dip the pheasant strips into flour first then the batter and fry until golden. (355 degrees to fry). Toss the salad ingredients together. Top with pheasant strips and serve.
I hope you enjoy for other great recipies check out daves site http://www.highprairielodgeandoutfitters.com/recipes.html!!